Robin Martinez

Photo: by JoLynne Martinez

Public policy fascinates me. The policy decisions we make affect our lives every day. They provide a framework for society and the spaces we live in.

I’m a business and real estate lawyer and am lucky to work with a number of companies ranging from agribusiness and life sciences to commercial property developers. Occasionally I’ll take on projects such as fighting oil pipelines on behalf of environmental activists, or encouraging financial institutions to divest from projects harmful to our environment or human rights.

My interests are varied, and I like making connections between different events and ideas.

This is my personal blog. You can follow me on Twitter @robinsmartinez or LinkedIn. You can see my law firm’s web site here: Martinez Tobin & Redman LLC. I’m sure my law partners would appreciate me reminding readers that the opinions expressed on my personal blog do not necessarily reflect those of our firm as a whole.